Writings of André Haynal


André Haynal’s writings are characterized by a limpid and clear style. He doesn’t affectionate allusive expressions nor veiled formulations which some of his colleagues favour in writing on psychoanalysis, constraining the readers to do an analytic associative work while reading, with the exceptions, of course, of clinical material. Writing simply about complex matters is for him a real challenge. His writings are based on a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical framework of the international psychoanalytic literature, as he is reading and writing German (Freud’s language), English and French (his present working and family language), with more limited exercise in some others.

His passion for the history of ideas and for the cultural contexts, in which these ideas were born, is shown in his outlook enclosing contributions from various linguistic areas, as well as from the past and from the present. His philosophical education helps him to take into account and respect the different thinkers, styles, references. From his high school days he cherishes the old latin saying: timeo lectorem unius libri – I am afraid of people who read only one kind of books.


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